About Us


London born British designer Michael Azu is a master’s graduate in Fashion Footwear from Cordwainers part of the London College of Fashion. He also studied at Central St. Martins and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York after winning an international scholarship award. Not just a creator, Michael is a highly skilled maker he oversees every aspect of the design cycle, from carefully selecting the materials, through to heel and last development.   Each collection is meticulously developed from his studio in London and with his factory in Italy.
For his master’s collection titled “Fool’s Gold”, Michael experimented in combining metals and leather into elegant and sculptural pieces which he then artificially aged through chemistry. The clever manipulation of copper, brass and leather was achieved by working closely with the aeronautical industry, sculptors and jewellery makers.  The collection was hailed in the fashion press as “Wearable Art”.





Michael Azu is a visionary brand that loves colour and elegance. We are motivated by a desire to offer products which are fresh and original.
Often described as wearable art the brand is recognisable for its design innovation, colourful bespoke digital prints and craftsmanship. Using a playful mix of materials and silhouettes to create footwear which is sculptural, contemporary and feminine.
Our shoes have been featured in several fashion publications:  British Vogue, Fated and Fabled, Style America, 1883, Trendstop and many more.


Signature - The HELIX
The helix is a recurring form and signature for us. This is because we love to suggest movement in what we do. This motion can be found within our smooth flowing, swirling silhouettes and rotating ribbon like straps.



Inspiration is taken from science, mathematics, technology, biology, nature, cinema as well as historic and contemporary art sources.   Our ideas can be futuristic and dreamlike but are always colourful and elegant in form or proportion.


Our aim is not to constantly re-invent things but to offer ideas that may, at times, challenge the existing industry norms. As a brand we respect and visit history and are comfortable combining the past with the future which we like to translate in playful and unexpected ways.


Michael Azu shoes are hand-made by footwear specialists and artisans in the luxury shoemaking quarter in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  We use only the highest quality leathers and materials sourced worldwide.


We also develop our own bespoke materials whether they are digitally printed leathers, laser cut silk chiffon or hand-crafted embellishments. These materials are folded and manipulated into forms drawn from origami, mathematics or dynamic systems such as chaos theory. Sometimes very technical in achievement, they are always presented as elegant, delicate and graceful patterns or structures.